St. Louis County Prosecutor Vows to Handle Ferguson Case “Fairly”

CBS St. Louis

CLAYTON, MO–(KMOX)–Amid calls from protestors and politicians for him to recuse himself, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch is vowing to handle the grand jury probe of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting “objectively and fairly.”

Missouri Congressman William “Lacy” Clay — along with County Executive Charlie Dooley and State Senator Jamilah Nasheed– have all asked Missouri Governor Nixon to remove McCulloch from racially-charged Ferguson police shooting case. The shooting has sparked street protests, rioting and looting in Ferguson.

“I certainly have no intention of walking away from the responsibilities that the people have entrusted me with,” McCulloch said, “But I also understand if the governor were to do that he has that right.”

McCulloch says his office is already preparing to present all the evidence to a grand jury that will be selected by a judge from the St. Louis County jury pool. McCulloch says two veteran prosecutors from his staff…

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