HOUSTON, Texas – The criminal evidence room maintained byHarris County District Clerk Chris Daniel is full of history and drama. The famous bed Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler used to straddle a fellow prosecutor is in that room. Brandishing the knife used by Susan Wright in a famous murder case, Siegler showed the jury how Wright stabbed her husband 193 times after she strapped him to the bed.

Siegler is now a co-host on the television show Cold Justice. The stiletto shoe used by Ana Trujillo to kill her lover in 2012, and the door from the David Temple case, is also in the evidence room. Temple is the former Katy, Texas, football coach who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife in the 1990s. The pick axe used by the first woman ever executed in the United States, Karla Faye Tucker, and the stove from the Jessica Tata case, are all there. Tata ran a daycare in her home and she was convicted of murder when four children died in a fire after she went shopping and left them alone.

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